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here are some that i’ve collected over the years: “with all its sham, drudgery & broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.” (max erhmann) “one day, one night, i’ll dream a dream, perhaps like any other dream, except that i won’t know it is the last dream of my life.” (louise erdrich) “i don’t […]

beyond the pale

Defined: Outside the bounds of morality, good behavior or judgment; unacceptable. The noun pale, from the Latin palum, meant “a stake for fences” or “a fence made from such stakes.” By extension it came to be used for an area confined by a fence and for any boundary, limit, or restriction, both of these meanings […]


it’s that time again — the changing of the seasons. for some reason, i always feel the most alive at this time of the year. each time i step outside i can’t help but stand still and take it all in: the leaves falling, the distinct chill in the air, the overwhelming signs of change… […]