life soundtrack

i was really, really busy at work today. so much so that i couldn’t resist putting my ipod on shuffle, writing down the first nineteen songs it played, and then assigning them to the list of events that collectively make up my ‘life soundtrack’.

it will amaze and astound you. well, probably not. but it kept me occupied for a bit of my day, and, that’s enough to earn a mention here…

opening credits – spies, coldplay

waking up – carbon, tori amos

first day of school – together, the fray

falling in love – rebel prince, rufus wainwright

losing virginity – ride, cary brothers (what a ride)

fight song – keep me in your pocket, charlotte martin

breaking up – what’s left of me, nick lachey (hehe-perfect!)

prom – it’s been awhile, staind (yes, it has)

life – simple kind of life, no doubt (i kid you not)

mental breakdown – vienna, the fray (i love this song right now, should that worry me?)

driving – seaside, tori amos

flashback – we never change, coldplay

get back together – you’re beautiful, james blunt (awwww)

wedding – everybody wants to rule the world, tears for fears

birth – chocolate, snow patrol

final battle – personal jesus, depeche mode (interesting…)

funeral – lovesong, the cure (hands down, one of the best songs ever)

end credits – indian summer, tori amos

so there you have it, folks. the soundtrack to my life as determined by my shuffling pod. go ahead, try it out for yourself. you know you want to 🙂

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