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sunshine and rain

“the true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow i have clutched” (h.d. thoreau) “the soul would have no rainbow had the eyes no tears” (j.v. cheney) with complete certainty, i can say that this was the most beautiful morning of my life. i left […]

charlotte (the city not the singer)

my week in charlotte has come and gone. i’m still catching up on email, sleep, and my dvr, but i have so many great memories to keep me company while i get back to my life in the real world. here’s charlotte in a nutshell: • vodka & red bull • NASCAR (17) • playing […]

circle around the zero

the circle around the zero (j. rumi) a lover doesn’t figure the odds. he figures he came clean from god as a gift without a reason, so he gives without cause or calculation or limit. a conventionally religious person behaves a certain way to achieve salvation. a lover gambles everything, the self, the circle around […]