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miles murphy

it’s hard for me to believe, but one year ago today was the last day in the life of miles murphy. he was a black and white ball of shih tzu love and he filled fourteen years of my life with sunshine. i still keep his tag on a shelf in my bookcase along with […]


i’m a single gal. my last relationship ended in december of 2005, so that means that i’ve been a single gal for over two years now. you think i’d be used to it, but i’m not. and for the record, it’s not easy being back in the dating scene as a thirty-something. all of my […]


“have you ever asked yourself, or been asked, if you are perhaps, a mystic?” wow, what a question.  especially considering the source. the question came from an author & artist that i have admired for many years.  she recently offered a creative writing class, and i jumped at the change to interact with her on […]

1, 2, 3…

this is only a test.