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roller skating

when i was young, my best friend, e, lived directly across the street from me.  during summer vacation, we  pretty much spent every waking moment together.  the only questions we had to answer were whether to play at my house or hers and whether to play inside or outside.  these may seem like simple questions, but to eight-year-olds, it […]

thousand word thursday

this little piggy was a gift for my mother’s little brother, mark. sadly, he was stillborn and so the pig was given to me, the first grandchild.

bathroom renovation, part II

the new sink is finally in its new home. the old sink has moved on and was remembered with a moment of silence on saturday afternoon. the wonderful building maintenance man, mark, did the removal and installation while i was out. as i was leaving saturday morning, i left mark a note of thanks and a friendly […]

district of columbia

i spent saturday in our nation’s capital with my sister.  the weather was unbelievable — sunny and in the 80s.  being a red-haired, fair-skinned, green-eyed girl, my shoulders were burned by noon, even though i was wearing sunscreen. despite the unusually warm weather and the large crowds, the city was absolutely beautiful.  i live so […]

all or nothing

i’ve come to accept the fact that my life is a convergence of events separated by long stretches of absolutely nothing. here’s a prime example:  i have plans this weekend, awesome plans with my sister.  it is something i’ve been looking forward to for months.  this morning, at approximately the same time, i received two […]

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