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yesterday, as i walked by the river, i was overwhelmed by the fragrance of flowering honeysuckle. the air was thick with their sweet smell and i was immediately reminded of a summer from my childhood spent at the local baseball park. my dad and i would go there in the summer evenings to watch the […]

thousand word thursday

this is the chandelier that lives in my closet.

trick of the light

i spent some time this past weekend on the eastern shore and as i was driving saturday evening, i watched the setting sun fill the sky with brilliant, golden light just before it slipped below the horizon. it’s a beautiful, saturated light that comes right before dusk, when the sun is low in the sky; the sun’s parting gift.  it […]

fresh start

he wants his move in august to illinois to be a “fresh start,” and so, since things are just beginning for us, he doesn’t think we should continue to see each other.  as much as this was not what i wanted to hear, i understand it completely. once again, a relationship of mine falls victim […]

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