trick of the light

i spent some time this past weekend on the eastern shore and as i was driving saturday evening, i watched the setting sun fill the sky with brilliant, golden light just before it slipped below the horizon.

it’s a beautiful, saturated light that comes right before dusk, when the sun is low in the sky; the sun’s parting gift.  it makes colours come to life and gives everything a golden, magic hue. it’s the perfect time for taking photos and for walking on the shore and for thinking about the things that matter.  it’s unquestionably my favourite time of day, but i could never quite put the reason into words.

fortunately, i came across someone who could:

“The sun was setting, and all the buildings seemed limned with hazy gold… It’s the kind of light that makes you ache for a reason to be sentimental, because the sun is asking you to remember that last hour of light from every summer day since you were a kid.” (turalura, the palatial quarters)

that’s exactly it.  the golden hour — beautiful beyond words.

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