i’m a coffee drinker; i have been for years. in fact, nothing starts my day like a nice, hot cup of joe.

here’s the thing, i’ve always taken my coffee with cream and sugar — until about 2 weeks ago. for some reason, i stopped adding the sugar and, although i didn’t think it was possible, i love coffee even more.

an object lesson on the value of trying new things, avoiding the rut of routines, and, perhaps most importantly, the supreme goodness of java.


YES! it’s about time 🙂 welcome to a whole new world of yumminess; we are glad to have you!

Posted by brook on 6 June 2008 @ 10am

This is actually a common and documented (by a research group called “Datamonitor” in the late 90’s) progression for coffee drinkers, especially when they are drinking higher quality coffee. Many who drink mochas or flavored lattes will eventually move to more cappuccinos and americanos and the occasional straight shot of espresso. Many who drink drip coffee with milk and sugar will eventually drop both. In part, it has something to with how our ability to taste changes as we age.

Try single origin coffees and see if you can tell the difference between a Kenyan coffee and a Guatemalan coffee, for example. I bet you can.

Posted by Mike Ferguson on 6 June 2008 @ 11am

mike, thanks for the information — that’s fascinating. i guess my palate is finally maturing.

Posted by heatherdyan on 6 June 2008 @ 2pm

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