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thousand word thursday

the sunview motel as seen from the rehoboth beach boardwalk.  the sky was absolutely spectacular that day.


sylvia plath & ted hughes are to my sister what zelda sayre & f. scott fitzgerald are to me — a tragic love story wrapped in a literary enigma.  she told me this bit a few weeks ago and i can’t quite get it out of my mind:  preserved in the woodruff library at emory university there lies, deposited […]

thousand word thursday

funland skyline on the ocean city boardwalk. this photogenic gull appeared in more than one of my pictures. i nicknamed him cornelius.

back to blacksburg

i’m leaving tomorrow for a weekend trip to blacksburg, virginia.  when i was a student at virginia tech, blacksburg was my home away from home, and i can’t wait to go back.  it was there that i ate my first $5 macados hindenberg sub, and trained a weanling foal, and met my fiance, and learned that […]

i finally updated my iphone

a little late, i know, but i finally decided up update my iphone last night. i’ve been hearing all kinds of horror stories of things gone wrong and bricked phones and slow phones, so i was reluctant to commit to v2.0, hoping v2.1 might be lurking right around the corner. then i made the mistake […]

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