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i saw the dark knight this weekend and i wasn’t disappointed; it really is *that* good.

i arrived at the theatre on saturday, along with my sister and brother-in-law, an hour and a half before showtime. surprisingly, we were the first three people in line — in front of the comic book carrying teenagers and the batman tee shirt wearing fans. by the time the theatre doors opened, i couldn’t even see the end of the line. we grabbed seats in the middle of the first row of the upper level and waited with anticipation until the lights went down.

i must say that i’ve loved the batman franchise for years. i can remember buying my first batman tee shirt in eighth grade, and quoting the movie with my friends (ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?). but it all changed in 2005 when chris nolan brought things back to life with batman begins. dark, mysterious and brooding, that movie raised the bar and set the tone for what was to come.

i tried not to have any grandiose expectations going in, but with all of the media hype, it was difficult not to expect something extraordinary. i was not disappointed. christian bale and michael caine were both excellent carrying on their roles as bruce wayne/batman and alfred pennyworth (i am convinced that i need an alfred in my life). lucius fox was one cool cat, and morgan freeman played him perfectly. but let’s be honest here, the joker stole the show, hands down. heath ledger’s performance was amazing. he became the joker. he embodied chaos, anarchy and terror. it was chilling, frightening and pure genius.

i walked away from the theatre wanting to see the movie again. that never happens. see this movie.


Ugh!! I just lost a big long comment that I typed up, reminiscent of myspace. I’ll trade notes with you later, but for now, I’ll say I agree with everything you say and more.

Posted by Colin on 21 July 2008 @ 12pm

I look forward to seeing this movie soon!

Posted by fightingwindmills on 21 July 2008 @ 3pm

colin, i agree with you completely — this movie is dark done right, which happens rarely, if ever. and it is definitely a very complex and layered story, much moreso than a typical comic-book based movie. in fact, i am still thinking about it days later. that’s a rare thing, indeed.

fw, it’s definitely worth seeing. enjoy!

Posted by heatherdyan on 21 July 2008 @ 5pm

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