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a few of my favourite pittsburgh phrases and colloquialisms:  slippy (slippery) nebby (nosey) redd up (tidy up) jimmies (sprinkles) yinz (you guys)

did you know?

pittsburgh has more bridges than any city in the world, including venice, italy. pittsburgh residents eat more than 11 times the pierogies of any other city in the nation. pittsburgh is the most misspelled city in the united states.

thousand word thursday

i ‘temporarily’ brought chloe home in 1993.  she never left.

thank you

you know the way you took the phone from my hands, making sure your fingers touched mine, lingering a little longer than they should have? i noticed. thank you. it said all the things i needed to hear, all the things you cannot say.


i spent christmas of 2005 in pittsburgh and i haven’t been back since.  that changes this weekend.  i’m taking an extra long holiday break and visiting the city that welcomed me with open arms seven years ago.   when i think of pittsburgh, i think of… station square (and that $250 bar tab in less than an hour) sugar and spice […]

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