so it ends, so it begins

dear js,

we just met and you’re already gone.

since i didn’t get to say a real goodbye, consider this my fare thee well.

i know just enough of you to know that i want to know more, and that’s why your leaving makes me sad. although i will miss you, what i will miss most is that we never had a chance to see where the world might have taken us together — the possibilities, the future, the moments we could have shared.

not enough time; many things unsaid.

and so, your journey continues without me.
i hope happiness finds you along the way.




But then again, maybe he was life’s version of a romantic appetizer. Wonderful, in his own way, but left you feeling unfulfilled so that when the one you’re really meant to be with pops up in your life, you’ll be ready to notice.

Posted by Deb on 19 August 2008 @ 9pm

deb, that’s such a great way of looking at this goodbye: a precursor of things yet to come. keeping things in perspective definitely helps.

Posted by heatherdyan on 20 August 2008 @ 7am

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Posted by there's beauty in the breakdown - atlanta deconstructed on 16 October 2010 @ 11am

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