thousand word thursday

sophie napping

my new dslr camera arrived yesterday. sophie was kind enough to pose for a few shots while napping on the sofa.


i like this, i love photography 🙂
what brands your camera? its good quality

Posted by chloé on 21 August 2008 @ 7am

thanks, chloé! i’m a photography lover as well. my new camera is a nikon d40.

Posted by heatherdyan on 21 August 2008 @ 7am

really i bought myself a coolpix p80 only a month or so ago 🙂
& that’s okay about the comment

Posted by chloé on 21 August 2008 @ 8am

beautiful! makes me want to curl up with her.

Posted by Deb on 21 August 2008 @ 7pm

thanks, deb! sophie always enjoys a good snuggle 🙂

Posted by heatherdyan on 22 August 2008 @ 7am

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