donna martin graduates

my whole life changed on october 4, 1990; that’s when beverly hills, 90210 made its network debut. dylan, brenda, brandon, kelly, steve, david and donna — they were my contemporaries, my classmates, my friends. in fact, i think that show is one of the reasons i survived high school. i was a faithful watcher until the bitter end in 2000. i even survived those three years without dylan mckay.

only recently, i discovered that creator darren star modeled the series after his own high school, winston churchill high school in potomac, maryland. in fact, the tentative title of the show was potomac, 20854. how crazy is that? i had no idea the show had roots so close to home.

the latest incarnation of the show starts this week. both jennie garth and shannen doherty are returning to reprise their roles as kelly taylor and brenda walsh. i’m certainly not expecting much, but i’m certainly not missing it either. now if dylan were coming back in his black, convertible porshe, that would be another story…

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