happy birthday sis

“in the quiet of this day

may you know the

greatness of your spirit

and may your hopes fly

on the wings of possibility.”

happy number twenty-seven, little sis.
i can’t imagine my life without you in it.


thank you, hob. i feel the same way.

(and that’s a cute pic of just you and me!)

Posted by brook on 12 September 2008 @ 9am

enjoy your day! i’m looking forward to celebrating with you tomorrow 🙂

Posted by heatherdyan on 12 September 2008 @ 10am

brook’s hair, being one color and slightly showing roots, is foreign to me.

yay birthday

Posted by hosenhead on 12 September 2008 @ 1pm

i need to stop wearing that shirt in photos – i feel like it’s in every picture i’ve taken.

and boo roots 🙁 but yay one color!!

Posted by brook on 12 September 2008 @ 4pm

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