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thousand word thursday

on tuesday, vote like you mean it.

seven days to go

and i endorse barack obama. the election of obama — a man of mixed ethnicity, at once comfortable in the world and utterly representative of twenty-first-century america — would, at a stroke, reverse our country’s image abroad and refresh its spirit at home. his ascendance to the presidency would be a symbolic culmination of the […]

another goodbye

the following is a post i wrote in january of 2007, right before i started working in my current position.  today, i say goodbye again.  the people and places may have changed, but the feelings remain exactly the same. oh, and, yes, i did remember to enjoy the sunrise before the goodbyes this time.  (01.10.07) The sunrise […]

thousand word thursday

this was taken right next to the pelican exhibit at the national zoo. i love the green bug and the blue background. and, of course, the purple flowers.

full moon tomorrow

the october full moon is also known as the hunter’s moon. with the leaves falling and the deer fattened, it is time to hunt. since the fields have been reaped, the moonlight allows hunters to easily see animals which have come out to glean. an interesting aside; the occurance of a full moon on halloween is […]

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