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thirty one

as this year draws to a close, i’m going to take a few moments to myself and just be here, in this moment. i’m going to breathe deeply and savor every breath. i’m going to be thankful for the people and things that surround me. i’m going to love myself and all my imperfections. and […]


on the first day of the first month of the new year, i’m heading north, to rochester, new york. there, i’m meeting a friend and we’re heading north to niagara falls, ontario. i’ve never been to the falls before, so i’m looking forward to getting away and taking in all of the natural beauty. i’ll […]

twenty nine

a year in associations: january = wordpress february = lunar eclipse march = space needle april = “fresh start” may = dancing fountains june = toronto july = “um, heather, my thumb” august = nikon september = “do i stay or do i go?” october = hello, again november = 6 lounge december = family

twenty eight

my first real experience with death was the death of my grandmother, gram. i was eight and my little sister was two. i was deeply saddened by her death, but what i remember most was being mad. i was mad at god for taking her away. i was especially mad because i knew my sister […]

twenty seven

the words are late to come today, and few. my sister convinced me to see twilight with her last night.  it was her third viewing. let me just say that watching that movie made me feel like a teenager again, in all the best ways. (edward, i’m here waiting.)

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