i have the tendency to get a bit manic around the holidays.  despite my best aversive maneuvers i couldn’t avoid the madness this year, and so, i have already decorated both my condo and my office — twinkle lights, evergreen trees, snowflakes, candy canes — i am surrounded by them all.

i think back to my childhood and remember counting the days until christmas.  twenty-four days seemed like a lifetime.  now it’s hardly enough time to finish shopping, wrapping and sending cards, not to mention trying to find a quiet moment to reflect on the season.

and what a beautiful season it is.

falling snow and fireside chats and wrapped gifts and warm cookies and christmas carols and family.  these are what the holidays mean to me.  these are the things not forgotten.  these are the things that live in my heart all year.

only now, at christmastime, when i walk around amidst the holiday decor, these are the things that i see reflected in every tiny twinkling light.

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