baltimore.  i’ve never technically lived there, although i was born just outside the city limits.  my dad’s family was from the area, in fact, my grandmother was a member of the prominent taylor family, who owned much of towson and the surrounding areas, or so i’m told.  it’s safe to say that baltimore is in my blood.

i started working in the city back in 2002, just a few blocks from the inner harbor, and i loved it.  i loved commuting through the harbor tunnel every day and watching the sun rise and set over the water.  i loved canton and fells point and the piers.  i met great people there and reconnected with old friends who called the city home.

then in 2007, i said goodbye to my job and to the city that had become my daily companion.  

i didn’t realize how much i missed it until i started working there recently.  just two days a week, and just temporarily, but just enough to remember all i had forgotten.  

in the mornings, as i approach the harbor tunnel, i can see the city skyline highlighted by the rising sun and it’s then that i find myself smiling. 

it may seem strange, but baltimore feels like home to me.  perhaps it always will.

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