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thousand word thursday

look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. (a. einstein)


you’re searching for things that don’t exist; i mean beginnings. ends and beginnings — there are no such things. there are only middles. (r. frost) welcome to this middle.  my middle. it’s something i’ve been crafting for quite some time — quietly, patiently, coaxing it out of the darkness. and now it’s time.  to shine.

happy birthday to you

children learn to smile from their parents. (s. suzuki) i can’t think of a better example than my dad — happy birthday to you!

thousand word thursday

the waves echo behind me. patience — faith — openness, is what the sea has to teach. simplicity — solitude — intermittency . . . but there are other beaches to explore. there are more shells to find. this is only a beginning. (a.m. lindbergh)

gift from the sea

it’s time.  tomorrow, i will be heading east, until i reach the shore. goodbye to deadlines and proposals, commutes and traffic, meetings and conference calls. hello to laughter and sandy beaches, late nights and bike rides, boardwalks and seagulls. every year, i return to the shore, along with my family, to relax and recharge, to […]

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