tori tonight

tori amos is playing the DAR constitution hall tonight.  it will be my fourteenth time seeing her perform live and i just can’t get enough.  she’s THAT good.

it all started in 1994.  i was watching the late show with jay leno and he introduced tori amos as his musical guest.  i had never heard of her or her music.  i remember watching this girl on the screen with flaming red hair sit down at a grand piano and start to play.  baker, baker was the song and i was absolutely mesmerized.  game over.  i went out the next day and bought her cd.  i played it so much that i had to buy a second copy.

in 1998, my sister had an extra ticket to see tori perform in DC.  i took her up on the offer and, wow.  seeing this woman perform live was unlike anything i’d ever experienced.  from that day forward, my sister & i have seen every concert tori has performed in the local area:

i can’t really say what it is with her music.  i just get it.  completely.

and seeing it performed live, well, that’s an experience beyond words.

tonight can’t come soon enough.

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Now that’s dedication, Heather! You make her concers/music sound so interesting I just went online to purchase a ticket, but alas it says they stop selling them on line a few hours before the event.

Hope you have a great time!

Posted by Mitch on 1 August 2009 @ 1pm

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