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the thing one girl fears in the night

tori concert number two of two is taking place tomorrow night at the tower theatre in philadelphia. unfortunately, a very sick kitty has been added to the mix — my “niece” cat, maizy, or “beepy” for short.  in the span of a week, beepy has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitis, hepatic lipadosis and now pancreatitis.  […]

thousand word thursday

just keep your eyes on her horizon. (t. amos)

thousand word thursday

you don’t need the light to guide you through this. (t.amos)

words of the month – august

how did it go so fast? you’ll say as we are looking back and then we’ll understand we held gold dust in our hands. (t. amos)

gold dust, in our hands

tori’s concert last night was absolutely amazing. by a stroke of good luck, the stage was extended into the orchestra seats making what i thought were seventh row seats actually third row seats — close enough to make eye contact with tori.  it was beyond words. and the songs.  she delivered a stunning set: give […]

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