a one girl army

charlotte martin

last week, my sister and i drove out to a little coffee house in vienna, virginia to catch a night of music with charlotte martin.  it was our third time seeing her perform, so we knew we wouldn’t be disappointed, and, we were right:  charlotte martin is a powerhouse of musical genius.

the night started with my favourite of her songs, the dance — stripped down, acoustic, and hauntingly beautiful.  here’s the set:

the dance
limits of our love – all is full of love
edge of the world – galaxies
ready for a flight
district sleeps tonight – outerspace
keep me in your pocket
the stalker song
one girl army
the last song
something like a hero

wild horses

without question, a night of music to remember.

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I’m looking forward to her new album next year and hopefully I can catch her on tour. Great post!

Posted by Adam on 17 October 2009 @ 8am

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