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two plus feet of snow

back in 2000, my sister and i took advantage of a promotional offer from (a now defunct online music retailer).  for the cost of shipping, we were able to create a six-song holiday album, complete with our own title and liner notes.  we couldn’t resist.

after searching the available music, and debating on the song order for hours, we finally came up with the following tracklist:

  1. dance of the sugar plum fairy | 101 strings orchestra
  2. the christmas song | nat king cole
  3. sleigh ride | 101 strings orchestra
  4. i’ll be home for christmas | danny wright
  5. winter wonderland | bing crosby
  6. have yourself a merry little christmas | bing crosby

next was the title.  we decided on “two plus feet of snow” in homage to the snowfall predictions for the blizzard of 1996 (we didn’t actually get more than two feet of snow in that blizzard, more like 21 inches, but i digress).

finally, the liner notes.  this probably took the longest, and we were limited by space restrictions, so we had to be succinct and still manage to thank all of the appropriate parties.  after much deliberation, we finally reached a consensus:

12.2000 – thank yous:  mom & dad – for endless love; wombat – for endless beeping; poutossin – for endless smiling; looger – for endless pots of stink; big chess boy – for endless flaming fur; poongus – for endless kittenness; bister – for endless insanity.  this one’s for you.

don’t ask.  i know this dedication likely won’t make sense to anyone outside of my tiny family circle, but to us, it was perfection.

in fact, almost a decade later, it’s still one of my favourite holiday music collections.


That’s a nice tracklist. Where were you when the blizzard of ’96 came through? I was in College Park and I measured 19 inches in that storm at my place. Funny thing is, I think most everyone in the Mid-Atlantic had about three feet of snow on the ground after a couple more storms came through the next week and half. Then the heavy rain storm came that caused all that flooding when combined with the melting snow. That was an interesting weather time.

Posted by Colin on 14 December 2009 @ 7am

Excellent track list! Love the idea of this list and thank you for sharing it even if we don’t know who poongus is or what on earth pots of stink is:)-

Posted by Adam on 14 December 2009 @ 8am

colin, i was going to CCCC at the time and was living at my parent’s house in white plains. i think classes were closed for the better part of a week. interesting weather, indeed!

thanks, adam!
fwiw, ‘poongus’ was a nickname for my little sister. the rest shall remain a mystery 🙂

Posted by heatherdyan on 14 December 2009 @ 9am

the mystery of the liner notes makes it that much more wonderful. i still love this as well – i’ll never forget spending probably half of a day working on this compilation together.

the endless love, beeping, smiling, pots o’ stink, flaming fur, kittenness, and insanity all still hold true, even for those family members now departed.

this just proves the point that we are a great team!

Posted by brook on 14 December 2009 @ 9am

brook, i agree completely — we are a great team 🙂

that cd is but one of our many magnificent collaborations.

Posted by heatherdyan on 14 December 2009 @ 9am

I LOVE it!!!!!!!

Posted by Mom on 14 December 2009 @ 9am

Awww sounds like a good cd. Love that first song, my students sang to that the other day (I didn’t know there were words tho?!).

Posted by Ari on 14 December 2009 @ 10pm

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