thirty | year two

the moon has always been a source of endless fascination for me.

i remember, as a child, looking up at the night sky — filled with its fabric of twinkling stars and its grand lighted orb — and knowing, with certainty, that i was looking at something larger than i would ever understand.  it was my first glimpse of the universe, of infinity, and it was exhilarating.

over the years, my interest in astronomy has waxed and waned, but my love of the full moon has always remained constant.  on those nights, i spend a few silent moments outside, looking up and losing myself in the grandeur of the moonlight.  it’s beautiful beyond words.

tomorrow night, the moon will be full for the second time this month — a blue moon.

on the eve of the new year.

there will be magic in the air.

make it count.


Another magical post – I always enjoy reading your blog, and particularly this month. You have the gift.

Posted by Brenda on 30 December 2009 @ 6pm

I saw the pale moon light on my backyard increasing last night and thought a full moon must be coming. It’s nice to see another post on the subject.

Posted by Colin on 30 December 2009 @ 9pm

A blue moon? Off to read your other post about it now…

Posted by Ari on 30 December 2009 @ 10pm

I always relate to what you have to say about the moon. My children are amazed that it “follows” us if we are traveling and I remember that same feeling of amazement looking out the car window.

Posted by Fighting Windmills on 2 January 2010 @ 1pm

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