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the trees reflected in the river — they are unconscious of a spiritual world so near to them. so are we. (nathaniel hawthorne)


love this shot heather!

Posted by johnwaire | photo on 4 February 2010 @ 9am

Nice picture, nice quote. That snow made for very picturesque scenes everywhere in the DC-Baltimore corridor. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures that I liked that much. There definitely seems to be more opportunity for snow-picture-taking this weekend though.

Posted by Colin on 4 February 2010 @ 12pm

thanks, john!

colin — i’m ready for some more photo opportunities! i’m heading over to your blog now — any snowfall predictions?

Posted by heatherdyan on 5 February 2010 @ 8am

I predicted 2-4 feet last weekend for this weekend’s storm (seriously). You’ll see the post on my blog from the 31st with another post the evening of the 3rd saying the same thing.

Now that the snow is nearly here, I’m in agreement with what folks at the National Weather Service and people like the Capital Weather Gang are saying. All computer models seem to be in agreement that somewhere near two feet of snow is a probability in the D.C. area. As I always tell my weather-interested friends, the spots that get the heaviest snow are entirely dependent on the mesoscale banding features that setup which can’t be reliably determined until the storm starts and radar trends are observed (despite what some say). Given the high amounts of moisture being dropped by the model simulations (and the massive moisture plume already existing), there’s a possibility some places might exceed 30 inches. It’s quite a storm already and on paper over this area.

And if you haven’t seen this web site already, it’s very informative as to what to do in preparation for this storm and during it:

Posted by Colin on 5 February 2010 @ 9am

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