snowpocalypse 2010

over two feet of snow blanketed the mid atlantic region friday and saturday, in what has been called, ‘snowpocalypse 2010’.

cabin fever set in for me yesterday evening — two plus feet of snow can do that to a person. while trying to find something interesting to bide my time, i remembered that my nikon d90 shoots video (in addition to still pictures), so i grabbed my camera and decided to give my dearest sophie an open forum to discuss her musings on the snowpocalypse.

you may find her thoughts enlightening, inspiring, or perhaps just cute.


hahahahaha… too funny…. I love how she looks right at the camera while you’re talking to her.

Posted by Catina on 7 February 2010 @ 1pm

LOVED Sophie’s interview, hee hee!

Posted by Brenda on 7 February 2010 @ 3pm

Too funny! It was interesting hearing your voice, I guess it’s been a long time since the last time I heard it.

Thanks for updating me on your snow totals down there.

Posted by Colin on 7 February 2010 @ 5pm

You definitely had cabin fever;) I could hear the madness slowly coming through your voice.

Hope full insanity has not set in, it would be a shame.

Posted by Adam on 8 February 2010 @ 8am

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