up & out

there has been so much swirling around in my little world lately that i feel almost like a passenger in my own life — tentatively waiting for whatever’s coming next. at least that’s how it seems. the real truth is that in every moment, i’m fighting to stay above the water, to anticipate the next wave — but it’s hard work, and i’m failing miserably.

these waves are cunning.  they sneak up from behind to distract me with a little flotsam and jetsam sparkling on the surf, and then –BAM!– they hit from above or below or sideways. again. and again.

it’s exhausting. and i realize that i’m so busy trying to control these waves that i’m completely distracting myself from the point. my point.

it all works out.

despite all of my crazy efforts and maneuverings, my attempts to maintain balance and order, the endgame remains unchanged.

so, why fight it?  on the count of three, i’m letting go.

of expectations. of insecurities. of entitlements.

(one. two. three.)

be gone. farewell. adieu.

you do not help me on this journey.

i’m going to try my darndest to surrender to the current, to enjoy the ride, and to look beyond the crashing waves, because i realize that even in those crazy moments circling the drain, there is always a story of beauty and truth and peace woven into the firmament, if only i can remember to look up & out.


sound advice for all heather. I NEEDED THIS! thanks, as always…for sharing…

Posted by johnwaire on 30 September 2010 @ 8am

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