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thirty one | year three

as this year draws to a close, i resolve to take a few moments to myself and just be here, in this moment. i’m going to breathe deeply and savor every breath. i’m going to be thankful for the people and things that surround me. i’m going to love myself and all my imperfections. and […]

thirty | year three

thousand word thursday just because everything is different doesn’t mean anything has changed. (irene peter)

twenty nine | year three

time she is not waiting. not quite. it is more that the years mean nothing to her any more, that the dreams and the street cannot touch her. she remains on the edges of time, implacable, unhurt, beyond, and one day you will open your eyes and see her, and after that, the dark. it […]

twenty eight | year three

the days between christmas and new years are always a little strange for me – curiously anticlimactic and yet oddly anticipatory. everyone seems to breeze through the days at a hurried pace, rushing to get to the new year — there, everything will be shiny and fresh and untouched; there, we can start again, with […]

twenty seven | year three

another for the 2011 calendar.

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