twenty | year three

i don’t know what december 21st did in a past life to get so lucky, but tomorrow, or more accurately, just after midnight, is a trifecta of greatness.

let’s consider these two events together — the winter solstice and a full moon.  the last time they shared a night was on december 22, 1999.  i remember that night exactly — me and my red civic at snow owl place — talking the night away with someone who was about to break my heart — cold and dark and deep. a night to remember.

but wait, there’s more.

the last total lunar eclipse occurred on february 20, 2008.  i remember that night exactly — me and my camera — watching the moon slowly dissolve into the earth’s shadow — cold and dark and deep. a night to remember.

the convergence of these three things hasn’t happened since 1638 — almost four centuries ago.   it’s something i’m still trying to wrap my head around.

what i do know, with certainty, is that i will be looking skyward tonight with awe and wonder and gratitude.

i hope you will be, too.

it’s a night to remember.


My alarm is set for 3:15am, right near the time the moon will be in the deepest part of the shadow. I hope I don’t roll back over and go back to sleep.

Posted by Colin on 20 December 2010 @ 8pm

i’ll be up too, colin! i’m hoping to get a few pictures, but we’ll see…

Posted by heatherdyan on 20 December 2010 @ 8pm

The eclipse viewing was the best I’ve seen – the sky was crystal clear and the moon hung above the trees in the forest behind my house. It was the red/copper/rust color that is often seen and is in your photos. The unusual brightness of the stars was immediately noticeable too thanks to the moon being dim. One curious thing was that the top 1/8 or so of the moon was brighter in color (whitish/grayish) to my naked eye when in totality.

Posted by Colin on 21 December 2010 @ 6am

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