twenty eight | year three

the days between christmas and new years are always a little strange for me – curiously anticlimactic and yet oddly anticipatory. everyone seems to breeze through the days at a hurried pace, rushing to get to the new year — there, everything will be shiny and fresh and untouched; there, we can start again, with a spring in our step and a freshly cleansed palate.

and there, we realize, as we have before, that the new year is really just like the old one — that nothing is ever erased or forgotten; that we are the sum of all our days, no matter how important or ordinary.

i have trouble with these in between days — something always feels a bit off, and i’m coming to understand that it’s because i’m expecting something from the new year that i know will never really come. the slates will not be cleaned, the scores will not be evened, the tables will not be turned. it’s just another day, really.

so maybe it’s all in the perspective.
sure, it’s just another day, but it’s a day filled with possibility and promise.

every day is a chance to get it right,
a chance to make a difference,
a chance to start again.

there is only one day left,

always starting over:

it is given to us at dawn

and taken away from us at dusk.

(j.p. sartre)

make it count.

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