remembering chloe | 1993 – 2009

(love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation)

it’s two years later, and i still can’t believe how lucky i was to share sixteen years of my life with the siamese cat i called chloe.


one look into her piercing azure eyes that november day in 1993, and i was hooked. she came home with me that evening and never left. i was enchanted by her stubby tail, her deliciously chocolately seal points, and the gaze i came to realize was laden with wisdom and truth and understanding. she was quiet yet fierce, intensely loyal, and always the embodiment of beauty and grace. she was the best of everything good i’ve ever known.


the years treated us well, save for a few mishaps — most notably the window ledge incident and the porch roof escapade — but we survived the adventures, and she was always there to curl up with me at the end of each day and quietly lull me to sleep with her velvety purr.


it was a good life, filled with pillows and smiles and nicknames and sunbeams. and love, so much love.

it was a life well-lived.

the lymphoma and renal failure eventually slowed her step and tired her body, but there was always a twinkle of fire in her eyes, and when she looked at me that saturday morning in may, i knew. it was time. there was only one thing left for me to do.

and so, on that clear, sunny morning, joined by the people who loved her, i said goodbye to my sweet, sweet girl — my chloe.

cat nap

today, as yesterday, and as tomorrow,
she is missed as she was loved –

g r e a t l y .

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I miss her greatly, Heather, and remember her with much love and much gratitude for always being the perfect friend for you.

Posted by Barb Breighner on 31 July 2011 @ 12pm

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