goodbye thirty-five

today is the last day of my 35th year, and as an homage, i’ve pulled together a list of 35 things that i’ve seen and done and learned over the past year:

1.  sailed the delaware bay on a pirate’s ship.

2.  went under the knife.

3.  spent a week in atlanta.

4.  sat in line for over seven hours to snag an ipad2 on opening day.

5.  finally met the amazing and talented john waire in real life.

6.  survived the great delaware christmas blizzard.

7.  watched my steelers almost win another superbowl.  i know, i know, almost only counts in horseshoes…

8.  learned that forgiveness means giving up the hope that the past could have been anything different (thanks O).

9.  accepted my very first paid photography gig and loved every moment of it (thanks john).

10.  spent a long weekend with my two favourite canine friends, sara & higgins.

11.  survived the hottest family vacation on record (just barely).

12.  started taking pictures of charm city sunrises.

13.  enjoyed a smokey evening of music with ray lamontagne and david gray (and e.m.y).

14.  witnessed a full lunar eclipse on the winter solstice and took lots of pictures that couldn’t possibly capture the magic of the night.

15.  said goodbye to a friend who was so much more.

16.  spent st. patty’s day with my favourite people at my favourite irish pub.

17.  learned that even millsboro, delaware can feel like home if it’s where your parents happen to live.

18.  was reminded that it’s better to say what you feel than to live with the regret of not doing so.

19.  learned that, deep down, everyone wants to be ‘seen’.

20.  discovered the magic that is dumbarton oaks.

21.  registered a new domain for a project i’m playing very close to the chest.

22.  designed a new workspace and saw it come to life.

23.  learned how the dc skyline twinkles from the air force memorial.

24.  enjoyed every moment of a 20-hour road trip with one of my nearest and dearest friends (and one landshark).

25.  kept in touch with a friend who’s far away, but always in my heart

26.  discovered, with much joy, that i am going to become an aunt in october (to the most awesome nephew ever).

27.  said goodbye to the place i called home since i was 18.

28.  learned that the best things in life are always the most elusive.

29.  was handed my ‘if only‘ on a gilded plate, topped with truffles and saffron threads and almas caviar.

30.  continued the tradition and saw ‘eclipse‘ on opening day with my sister.

31.  completed my third december of daily blogging.

32.  tried to remember to look up & out.

33. was reminded that much of life depends on good timing.  and that i have generally bad timing.

34.  discovered beauty & truth in new and unusual places.

35.  learned that family & friends are what make life worth living.

it’s been a good year, filled with promise. goodbye 35, i’ll remember you fondly.


Love #13! I hope David and Ray will provide you with some quality birthday weekend music!

Posted by Eric on 25 June 2011 @ 10am

#13 was a great night for sure — thanks for sharing it with me 🙂

Posted by heatherdyan on 4 July 2011 @ 6pm

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