the third of february

we’re wild and tame and wild again
we’re on and off and sometimes friends
with failed attempts we analyze
the strange suggestions we disguise

i let our kiss fall behind a stone

i read the corners of your mouth
i try to speak but have no sound
i’m out to get you anyway
under the starlit milky way

i let the spark become a blaze

i am in too deep now so it doesn’t matter
how far i go
how long i run after you
i can’t stop myself from feeling the tremble

i don’t have control over this without you

i never tried to cross the line
but in my mind did several times
i turned the page and slammed the door
but you still linger even more

i don’t have control over this kind of glue

between the sacred and profane
nobody hears me chant your name
another year has gone again
and i will never be the same

i keep you close under my breath

(charlotte martin, tremble)

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Perfect. Thank you, Heather. CharMar is incredible and I owe that introduction to you. My day keeps getting better and better.

Posted by ajb on 3 February 2012 @ 11am

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