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on being still and moving on

i’m barely four months into this year, and already, i can tell it’s going to be epic.  not easy or smooth or comfortable, but important — formidable, perhaps even grand. and i’m ready. “you do realize that you’re still holding on with both hands, right?,” he said from that overstuffed beige arm chair with dark […]


there’s a lot to say, but the words are slow to come. if i had to pick one, “change” would be the word of the hour, the week, and the month — and it’s just beginning. spring and fall always seem to find me on the cusp, hoovering for just a few moments before closing […]

beware the ides of march

thanks to mr. rosen and his 12th grade a.p. english literature class, i always think of a certain shakespearean tragedy on march 15th. in addition to supplying me with an abundance of random literature trivia, that class also allowed me to test out of six college credits worth of english, so i never had the […]

just before dawn

[i’m dragging this one out of the archives because i need a reminder. a reminder about holding on and letting go. and, perhaps most importantly, a reminder to myself to make the choice.] you know those things we all hold on to? the if onlys? if only i had the time… if only i had […]

it’s enough to be on your way

sometimes i forget that the journey is often more important than the destination. there are times in my life when i get so wrapped up in where i’m going, or what’s coming next, or where i think i need to be, that i lose sight of where i am. for me, the challenge is accepting […]