it’s enough to be on your way

sometimes i forget that the journey is often more important than the destination.

there are times in my life when i get so wrapped up in where i’m going, or what’s coming next, or where i think i need to be, that i lose sight of where i am. for me, the challenge is accepting the fact that the real beauty of life is that it exists here and now — not in the yesterdays, not in the tomorrows — but in each precious, fleeting moment.


i’m reminded of a time, about 14 years ago, when i was a college student living in a college town. i was headed home after my afternoon classes. about halfway through town, traffic came to an abrupt hault as the local elementary school dismissed. bus after bus streamed out of the parking lot, and a steady flow of children and parents crossed the street. at first, i was upset at the unscheduled delay, but then i looked up and out of my sunroof and saw the most beautiful display. the entire sky was an expanse of pink petals dancing amidst the sunlight. it was breathtaking, and i lost myself in the beauty of the moment. nothing else mattered — not the traffic, or the delay, or my plans for the day. i existed only in that moment, drifting on the breeze, free and alive and unencumbered.

it was beautiful beyond words.

i often remember this experience when i become overwhelmed and impatient with my life.  there are times when it is better to just be — in this moment, in this life, in this journey. and that’s enough.

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