goodbye thirty-six

today is the last day of my 36th year, and as in past years, i’ve pulled together a list of 36 things that i’ve seen and done and learned over the past year:

1.  rang in the new year at a masquerade ball.

2. bought a new car and named her pearl.

3. learned that fear is actually a gift.

4. started saving for a trip to ireland.

5. re-read f. scott fitzgerald’s the great gatsby for the hundredth-plus time (i’m super excited to see it revisited by baz luhrmann this december).

6. held on & let go (hopefully not too long or too soon, respectively).

7. celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday, along with family and friends, and delicious food.

8. learned that forgiveness means giving up the hope that the past could have been anything different (thanks O).

9. photographed the fairytale wedding of becca & andy — my first official wedding photography clients.

10. discovered the joy that is pinkberry.

11. spent a lovely day in petersburg with someone i’ll never forget.

12. realized that just because you’re afraid to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  it probably means you should.

13. realized that sometimes even heroes need saving.

14. witnessed the annular solar eclipse over the san diego bay.

15. welcomed my first nephew, cole william, to the world.  being his auntie is the most amazing thing ever.

16. curated my tori amos ephemera into a new section on my blog.

17. realized that not all promises can be kept.

18. was reminded that it’s better to say what you feel than to live with the regret of not doing so.

19. caught fireflies for the first time in years with a new friend who makes me smile.

20. finally watched the sun set from the pacific coast.

21. got a new tattoo.

22. went to san diego.  twice.

23. saw tori amos perform for the sixteenth time.

24. discovered that sometimes there are many versions of the same story, all of which can be true.

25. was admitted to the hospital for the first, and hopefully last, time of my life.

26. joined the world in saying farewell to steve jobs on an uncharacteristically rainy day in southern california.

27. had dinner at nobu with my sister, just like in my dream.

28. was reminded that the best things in life are always the most elusive.

29. discovered the gifts of gratitude, grace and being still.

30. continued the tradition and saw ‘breaking dawn — part 1’ on opening day with my sister.

31. completed my third december of daily blogging.  this time with pictures.

32. tried to remember to look up & out.

33. was reminded that much of life depends on good timing. and that i have generally bad timing.

34. discovered beauty & truth in new and unusual places.

35. learned that family & friends are what make life worth living.

36.  “looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything” (ray bradbury).  yes, just yes.

it’s been a good year, filled with promise. goodbye 36, i’ll remember you fondly.

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