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everyone breathes the same breath

everything you take for granted is a blessing. everything you fear is a friend in disguise. everything you want is a part of you. everything you hate you hate about yourself. everything you own does not define you. everything you feel is the only truth there is to know. everything you wish for is already […]

this moment

like the misty rains

table 21

this past weekend, i had the distinct pleasure of dining at the exclusive table 21 at volt restaurant in frederick, maryland. it was opened by bryan voltaggio (of top chef fame) in 2008.  the restaurant is situated on the first floor of frederick’s historic houck mansion, an 1890s brownstone. table 21 is an eight-seated counter […]

more than words

buried deep in a sea of goodbyes and endings, there was a hello. i certainly wasn’t looking for it, or expecting it, and i could have missed it altogether.  but i didn’t.  thankfully.  finally. it came on a hot summer evening in june as i sat on a bench by the potomac. i looked up […]

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