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indian summer, call me back

autumn has always been my favourite time of year, with it’s cool breezes and vibrant hues of gold and orange and red. it fills me with beauty and encourages me to reflect on the year’s journey — looking inward, taking inventory, making adjustments — it’s a pattern that i see repeating in my life, and […]

this is me

this is me. me filled with light from a lovely near-autumn afternoon. me balanced precariously between fear & grace.  wanting to risk my heart.  wanting to risk it all.  or maybe not. me and my thirty-seven year old eyes that still see the good in everyone and everything, although sometimes i think i should know […]

depth over distance

depth over distance every time, my dear, and this tree of ours may grow tall in the woods, but it’s the roots that will bind us here, to the ground depth over distance was all i asked of you and i may be foolish to fall as i do still there’s strength in the blindness […]


a weekend of endings and beginnings, and i find myself, once again, keenly aware of life’s cycles. the ebb and flow, the give and take, the highs and lows — back and forth, again and again — continuously fighting for stability and order. it’s a cosmic balancing act of sorts — always contriving, crafting, equilibrating, […]


yesterday, as i walked by the river, i was overwhelmed by the fragrance of flowering honeysuckle. the air was thick with their sweet smell and i was immediately reminded of a summer from my childhood spent at the local baseball park. my dad and i would go there in the summer evenings to watch the […]

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