a weekend of endings and beginnings, and i find myself, once again, keenly aware of life’s cycles.

the ebb and flow, the give and take, the highs and lows — back and forth, again and again — continuously fighting for stability and order.

it’s a cosmic balancing act of sorts — always contriving, crafting, equilibrating, and then, sometimes, the darkness gets the better of me, and i wonder if maybe that’s not it at all.

maybe it’s all just a random dance and i’m the one fighting to see the patterns in the noise, to hear the music in the static, because, let’s face it, the alternative is harrowing.


sometimes the darkness gets the best of me.

that’s where i find myself right now.  i’m fighting to open my eyes to the more-than-coincidental convergence of events and people and loves and losses that make it almost impossible to ignore the current running through everything.   a simple truth woven delicately into the passing moments, speaking louder than the noise and the static and the darkness — one of balance and order.  peace and grace.  love.

and light.

light in spite of all this darkness.  i just have to open my eyes.

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