the most beautiful lie

distance, timing, breakdown, fighting

silence, the train runs off its tracks

kiss me, try to fix it

could you just try to listen?

hang up, give up, 

for the life of us we can’t get back.

beautiful lie

and try as i might, i just can’t get back.  there’s nothing left to say or do — it’s all been said and done, and i’m still right here.  everything is different, but nothing has changed.  not for me, not yet.  i guess that’s the chance you take when you really risk your heart. when you really let someone in. when you love — full and deep and like it’s the only thing that matters. i don’t know any other way. it makes sense to me to give it everything and to expect the world in return. i guess that’s why i’m so often disappointed.

but even in my disappointment, i don’t want to become hopeless — not about love. anything but love. it’s so pure and raw and boundless that i think it has to always win. at least, i hope so.  i hope love is always the biggest and the best of everything. i hope love always prevails. regardless. in spite of everything and everyone — all our broken hearts and broken dreams and canceled plans and misjudgements and disappointments and unmet expectations and fears and what ifs and if onlys and everything before and after and in between.

i have to believe that love always triumphs — the battle lost, perhaps, but the war won — eyes ahead, soldier on, one foot in front of the other — there’s victory ahead for us all, we just have to let go when it’s time and hold on when it’s right, because, i tell you, i feel it deep in my being — love wins. for you and for me. maybe not exactly in the way we want. maybe not today, or yesterday, or tomorrow, but soon and always and forever.

true love will triumph in the end —

which may or may not be a lie,

but if it’s a lie, it’s the most

beautiful lie we have.


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