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it’s time

tomorrow, i will be heading east, until i reach the shore. goodbye to deadlines and agendas, commutes and traffic, meetings and conference calls. hello to laughter and sandy beaches, late nights and bike rides, boardwalks and seagulls. every year, i return to the shore, along with my family, to relax and recharge, to listen as […]

can’t recapture the past? of course you can!

when i pick up a new book, the first thing i do is flip to the last page and read the final paragraph.the great gatsby came to me in ms. chalmers 11th grade AP english class and i knew the moment i read the final words that it was something very special. “so we beat […]

remembering chloe | 1993 – 2009

(love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation) it’s four years later, and i still can’t believe how lucky i was to share sixteen years of my life with the siamese cat i called chloe. one look into her piercing azure eyes that november day in 1993, and i was hooked. she […]