can’t recapture the past? of course you can!

when i pick up a new book, the first thing i do is flip to the last page and read the final paragraph.the great gatsby came to me in ms. chalmers 11th grade AP english class and i knew the moment i read the final words that it was something very special.

“so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”

over the years, i’ve considered the great gatsby to be my favourite book — a tragic story of love and loss woven together in the age of jazz. but my love of gatsby went further than just the story, i became fascinated by the man behind the words, the author, f. scott fitzgerald.

“show me a hero and i’ll write you a tragedy”

Guess what movie opens today!

five years ago, i received a treasure. i received a 1925 first edition, first printing of the great gatsby. to say this is a rare find is an understatement. to say that it’s one of my most favourite possessions is also an understatement.

i can’t tell you exactly why this book means so much to me, it just does. it’s a piece of the past, with its delicately yellowed pages and its history of unknown readers, and somehow, it makes me feel closer to mr. fitzgerald and mr. gatsby. and that makes me happy.

the latest film version of the great gatsby premiers today. i’ll be checking it out. and i’ll be hoping it does justice to mr. fitzgerald’s words.

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