homeward bound

tomorrow, i’m heading north. to my sister’s.

it will be the first family christmas at hers, and i can’t wait.

the food, the drink, the laughter;

the presents, the pictures, the music;

and, of course, the people. my people. my family.


my love.  my sweetest laughter.  my fellow traveler.

thank you for sharing with me the love of my lifetime.

i can’t imagine my days without your presence.

all of my tomorrows start with your name.


my father.

our likeness is so much more than skin deep.

my free spirit, my sense of direction, my proclivity for changing jobs — they are all in your image.

thank you for never underestimating the power of a good laugh and for always believing in me.

i am proud to call you my dad.


my mother.

and my constant cheerleader, compass, and confidant.

thank you for giving me life and for always loving me without boundaries.

all that i am is because of you, today and always.


my sister.

you are my twin, plucked from the same branch; born six years later.

we are irrevocably linked by blood, but held together by a bond so strong, it escapes naming or understanding.

my personal counterbalance, directing me to my true north — to my home, to my family.

thank you for always knowing the words before i speak them.


my nephew.

you joined the fray just two years ago, but i already love you with all the years of my life.

your laughter and corn toes and serious glances are absolutely irresistible.

i am so happy to share in your journey.

i love you all.
more than words.

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Perfect! Just perfect! Thank you, h.d.(b.) s. I love you more than words can say!

Posted by Mom on 28 December 2013 @ 12am

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