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i touch the future. i teach.

twenty-eight years ago today, i was sitting in mr. quincy’s fifth grade class. on a media cart at the front of the classroom was a television broadcasting the launch of the space shuttle challenger, carrying it’s crew of seven. among them was christa mcauliffe, who was to be the first teacher in space. in an […]

a story that is only half my own

between the sacred and profane nobody hears me chant your name another year has gone again and i will never be the same. it was one of those days that never really ends; there were no goodbyes.  i remember the fog and the ice and the road leading me south. and that is about as […]

the word

it was always the becoming (s)he dreamed of, never the being. (f. scott fitzgerald) this is the third time i’ve chosen a word to guide me through a year. i kept my word for 2012 to myself, but last year was different, last year’s word asked to be shared. 2013 was one of the brightest […]

To Whom it May Concern

Dear American Airlines: On January 8, 2014, my husband and I were booked to fly from Vancouver to Dallas/Fort Worth on American Airlines flight 282. That flight was ultimately canceled due to mechanical issues. I am not writing to complain about the canceled flight. I understand the nature of air travel; I understand that safety […]

one year

on this very day, one year ago, i sat down on an empty stool at my favourite local pub and struck up a conversation with the charming man sitting next to me. we never stopped talking. today, that man is my husband. i love you, rowan henry smith. more than words. xoxox