goodbye thirty eight

today is the last day of my 38th year, and as in past years, i’ve pulled together a list of 38 things that i’ve seen and done and learned over the past year:

1. said, “yes!”

2. said, “i do!”

3. visited vancouver.  not once, not twice, but three times.  it’s pretty okay.

4. received a text on the fourth of july that changed everything.  for the better.

5. introduced my favourite canadian to my favourite delaware beach.

6. discovered the joy that is “cards against humanity

7. enjoyed an amazing birthday dinner at restaurant eve with two canadians and lots of wine.

8. experienced the majestic state of alaska by land and by sea with the fabulous smith family.

9. spent an evening as newlyweds at the luxurious hay-adams hotel in washington, d.c.

10. made plans and more plans and more plans.

11. welcomed my lovely niece, miss molly mae, into the fray.

12. realized that just because you’re afraid to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  it probably means you should.

13. survived the circus that was the 2013 federal government shutdown.  also known as a forced two-week vacation.  with back-pay.

14. celebrated my first christmas as half of a married couple.

15. welcomed in the new year in style.  with hats, of course.

16. saw the talented sara bareilles with my very sick and pregnant sister in a very hot lincoln theatre.

17. celebrated not one, but two thanksgivings — one canadian, one american.  both yummy.

18. celebrated with layla and liam as they tied the knot in january.

19. enjoyed meal after meal at wildebeest in vancouver.  complete with a bone luge.

20. took my favourite photo of my favourite person.

21. attended two tasty beer festivals, snallygaster and novemberfest.  cheers!

22. witnessed the birth of my friend’s daughter and documented it with photos.

23. petitioned the united states for a green card for my husband.

24. introduced my husband to the annual breighner family christmas photos.

25. purchased the latest tori amos offering and scored third row tickets to her upcoming concert with my sister.

26. visited my husband’s hometown of kincardine, ontario and found a second home in canada.

27. received a performance bonus and a time-off award and a new imac — work has been good to me.

28. was reminded that the best things in life are always the most elusive.

29. saw the amazing grace potter.  she sang “apologies” and broke my heart.

30. coloured my hair back to the red of my youth.

31. completed my fifth december of daily blogging.  with pictures.

32. lived apart from my husband for 70 percent of the time since our wedding.  not by choice.

33. saw a whale and a moose and a bear.  oh my!

34. discovered beauty & truth in new and unusual places.

35. learned that patience does, in fact, pay off.  and that good things do come to those who wait.

36. gained a mother (-in-law) and a father (-in-law) and a sister (-in-law) and a brother (-in-law).  i’m a lucky girl.

37. finally let go of the people and the things and the expectations that were weighing heavy on my heart.

38. learned, as i do every year, that family & friends are what make life worth living.

it’s been a good year, filled with promise. goodbye 38, i’ll remember you fondly.

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Happy Birthday….tomorrow! Sounds like a GREAT year. They keep getting better and better…

Posted by John Waire on 25 June 2014 @ 9am

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