goodbye thirty nine

today is the last day of my 39th year, and as in past years, i’ve pulled together a list of 39 things that i’ve seen and done and learned over the past year:

1. picked my husband up from the airport with his green card in hand!  finally!

2. saw the amazing ben howard at the 9:30 club.

3. said goodbye to a special friend who moved back to canada much too soon.  miss you, rej!

4. experienced my first, and hopefully not my last, first class flight.  thanks air canada!

5. watched a particularly lovely sunset from the shenandoah national park.

6. discovered the joy that is sugar shack doughnuts.  yes, please!

7. welcomed the smith/sheas to the first family vacation in virginia!

8. found a secret picnic spot that’s perfect for snacking on luxurious cheeses and meats.

9. tried acupuncture for the first time, and loved it.  thanks, dr. will!

10. celebrated my 39th birthday with bubbles on the beach at sunrise.

11. watched the DC fourth of july fireworks from across the river with friends after a spirited day of cornhole and beer.

12. realized that just because you’re afraid to do something doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.  it probably means you should.

13. visited the dogfish head brewery.  more than once.

14. celebrated my first christmas in another country — canada — with my husband.

15. enjoyed a night of amazing cocktails at a speakeasy in old town.

16. started a quest to find the best ramen spots in town.  so far, tanpopo tops the list.

17. joined john waire for a ‘year in the light’ photography session.

18. had my first, and hopefully my last, surgery involving general anesthesia.

19. ran into monte from ‘say yes to the dress atlanta’ and promptly called him by the wrong name.  sorry, monte!

20. photographed a lovely vow renewal for jillian and justin.

21. attended three tasty beer festivals. cheers!

22. finally bought a new computer — a 27″ iMac.  she’s lovely.

23. spent my first wedding anniversary at the luxurious hay-adams hotel in washington, d.c.

24. mastered the mojito.

25. celebrated layla’s birthday at ripple in DC with a desert course of cheeses.

26. had my hair cut.  short.  so short.

27. enjoyed an awesome dinner at rose’s luxury that surpassed all of the hype.

28. was reminded that the best things in life are always the most elusive.

29. saw the amazing tori amos.  from the third row.  again.  with my sister.

30. watched my husband shave off his beloved beard.  it was time.

31. spent another remembrance day at the canadian embassy.

32. had some of the best crabs of my life at surfin crab in lewes.  need to have more!

33. saw more doctors than i care to recall.

34. discovered beauty & truth in new and unusual places.

35. learned that patience does, in fact, pay off.  and that good things do come to those who wait.

36. spent as many weekends in rehoboth as possible.

37. bought my first set of oracle cards.  the jury is still out.

38. tried and tried and tried to start a family.

39. learned, as i do every year, that family & friends are what make life worth living.

it’s been a good year, filled with promise. goodbye 39, i’ll remember you fondly.

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Heh, what a great idea and great list. Happy happy birthday.

Posted by Katie on 26 June 2015 @ 4pm

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