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IVF #2: Stims Day 4

Another early morning appointment for bloodwork and an ultrasound.  This time, my ovaries appear to be ‘waking up’ in response to the stimulation drugs.  The technician noted about 8 follicles on each — they are too small to measure, but it’s promising to see some response.  Estrogen is up to 122.  Back in on Wednesday […]

IVF #2: Stims

Nothing quite like waking up super early for a 7AM appointment that involves both blood collection and a trans-vaginal ultrasound!  The point of today was to make sure everything in my ovaries and uterus is “quiet” — meaning no cysts, polyps, or anything else out of the ordinary, and also to check my estrogen blood […]

IVF #2: Lupron

Oh, lupron.  Today is my sixth day on 20 units of lupron.  Three more days to go.  With the exception of last night, my only side effects have been headaches and the occasional hot flash.  Last night, however, was different and rather unpleasant.  Around bedtime, I was overcome with intense nausea.  I did manage to […]

IVF #2: The Protocol

Based on my response to IVF #1 (antagonist protocol with estrogen priming), my doctor has decided to go with the lupron stop protocol for IVF #2.  Here’s how it goes: 08/03/15 – Start taking birth control pills daily for 20 days. 08/20/15 – Start lupron injections (20 units) each morning (suppression). 08/28/15 – IVF evaluation […]

One in Eight

One in eight couples struggle with infertility. I had no idea.  I’m sorry to say that my husband and I are one of those couples. We didn’t want to be. We thought, like most couples do, that when we were ready to have a child, things would happen as they should. But they didn’t. And […]

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