oh, the irony (a reminder)

[n.b. this was originally written in 2009 for my sister. i had no idea that, six years later, i would be in the very same struggle, needing the very same words. life is funny that way. so, i’m sharing these words again.  this time for myself.  and maybe you need them, too.]

the best things in life are always the most elusive — they are the things that we must chase, the things that push us to our limits; challenge our character; shake us to the very core of our being; and they are, ultimately, the things that define us.  not because they evade our grasp, but because they make us persevere in spite of everything — the darkness, the fear, the pain, the doubt, the uncertainty — no cost too great, no mountain too high, full steam ahead — until we make it through to the other side, to that best thing.  and beyond.

hold on,
go the distance,
stay the course,
plod on,
stop at nothing,
leave no stone unturned,
soldier on,
stick it out,
hang in there

no, it won’t be easy;
yes, it will hurt – truly, madly, deeply, and sometimes more than it seems possible to bear;
but the best things in life are always the hardest to grasp.

they’re also what make life worth living.

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