IVF #2: 11DP5DT

The wait continues.  I’ve been having a ton of symptoms lately, not sure if it’s just because I’ve been seeing those two lines, or if I would be feeling them anyway.  The most obvious and near-constant symptom is bloat — my lower abdomen feels slightly distended and full, but not in a way I’ve felt before.  It feels like it’s my uterus, not my digestive system.  I’m still having occasional cramping and headaches, a sore chest, and a touch of insomnia.  That last one may be attributed solely to excitement.  I actually look forward to waking up each morning and testing.  The lines have been getting progressively darker, which indicates an increased amount of hcg in my system, which should mean the pregnancy is progressing.


So much excitement and hope around these parts lately!

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